Monday, November 26, 2007

For a Friend

The Possibilities are Endless!!

Sara has been quite the sewing buddy lately. She has such fun focusing on all the patterns. (I hope she continues to enjoy this sewing thing as much as I do!) I keep pulling out all of my favorite fabrics and piling them up together to see what strikes my fancy.
I have been drooling over this cute poppy print for months and decided a red was it's perfect match for fall. I made these coordinating long sleeve shirts and shoes for a good friend's twin girls. I hope they enjoy!

I loved them so much I made Sara a pair!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Puppy Dog Tails Collection

Here are a few examples of some shoes I made for a holiday boutique.

Baby blue gingham with polka dots

Navy blue bandanna with red

Brown corduroy with camo

Denim with green plaid

Brown corduroy with cowboy print

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Little Lady Collection
Fabrics can be mixed and matched as you prefer

creamy chenille with shabby chic rose print

brown corduroy with a mauve paisley print

black corduroy with black polka dots

brown corduroy with red and green leaf print

Brown and aqua polka dots with aqua gingham

Red gingham with blue gingham ribbon

These are just a few of the fun combinations that I created for a holiday boutique. If you would like to see other styles please feel free to share your thoughts.

the beginning

over the past few weeks (ok maybe months) i have been toying with the idea of selling the things i create, mainly baby gifts. after a friend inspired me with her story, i have decided to take a risk and venture out into the unknown. so here it is... a blog that features the baby shoes i make. these are made while my 3 month old, sara evangeline, is napping or talking to her "friends" on her activity mat. the idea behind this grand plan is to provide me with both an outlet to create and the freedom to stay at home with my baby while (hopefully) making a few bucks.
i enjoy the creativity and the practicality that come with these little shoes.
after the cooler weather came around, i wanted something for sara's feet that were cuter then socks, although socks can be cute, and that didn't cost a fortune. so these became my solution. i found the idea from some other crafty women on the internet, put a little twist on them and poof... adorable shoes! they are fun to mix and match with her outfits and they are easy to put on and they stay on her little feet.
i am also offering other baby gifts that coordinate. a pair of personalized burp cloths and onesies would make a baby gifts to die for. to make things a little easier, everything is priced at $15 each. buy two and save $5.... 2 for $25!
i'm always open to suggestions and requests. if you already have a "vision" but need the hands to create it, please feel free to contact me!
i might be a little slow at this blogging thing... so bear with me...
thanks for stopping by!