Monday, June 21, 2010

i LOVE my kids.

i HATE dishes and laundry.
it stinks that motherhood includes all of it.

 it was one of those days, when i swear i have washed the same stinking dishes three times and i can't quite catch up on all of the folding before another load is started. and i snapped at sara. she forgave me and then told me she loved me. i cried. i was humbled. 
i guess it's good in some strange way that motherhood isn't "easy". it helps me see that i am not complete. that my strength is not enough to make it through the day. i will snap. i will get bogged down in the stuff that needs to get done. 
i need His love and grace and patience. i need His eyes to see what i am really depending on... me or Him. i depended too much on myself today. and then was reminded by my sweet girl that i need Him and His grace.

glad tomorrow is a new day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

happy birthday sweet man.

you are the best.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sara moments

here are a few moments from the past weeks i don't want to forget...

 sara started her first dance class... really it's called "creative movement" and they run around with scarves in their hands and pretend to be flowers and butterflies. today she told me they were trees. i asked her to show me what they did, she pointed her toe and tapped it on the floor. i totally remember being trees in my dance class as a little girl. weird.

we went on a date. our neighbor's dance recital. it was too cute. and sara LOVED it.

not the best picture. but, sara and wilson have had the sweetest moments playing together.

watching tv.

playing in the rain.

finding a little cave in the bathroom.

painting our nails for a wedding.

Monday, June 14, 2010

7 months

little boy started crawling about two weeks before he turned seven months old. first off, i can't believe he's seven months. and secondly, i'm not ready to baby proof or have a son who isn't content with a blanket full of toys. this past week he started to pull up on anything he can reach. seeing him pull up on the crib and cry as i put him down for a nap about breaks my heart. and this morning (as ryan was watching a world cup game) wilson pulled up on the coffee table and began walking around it. 
SLOW down, sweet boy! 
you only get to be a baby once... live it up!