Monday, June 21, 2010

i LOVE my kids.

i HATE dishes and laundry.
it stinks that motherhood includes all of it.

 it was one of those days, when i swear i have washed the same stinking dishes three times and i can't quite catch up on all of the folding before another load is started. and i snapped at sara. she forgave me and then told me she loved me. i cried. i was humbled. 
i guess it's good in some strange way that motherhood isn't "easy". it helps me see that i am not complete. that my strength is not enough to make it through the day. i will snap. i will get bogged down in the stuff that needs to get done. 
i need His love and grace and patience. i need His eyes to see what i am really depending on... me or Him. i depended too much on myself today. and then was reminded by my sweet girl that i need Him and His grace.

glad tomorrow is a new day.


Christy said...

thanks for this post. i agree. you are a good mom and you asking for forgiveness proves it even more! love you!
(hope today is going better :))

Virginie M. said...

Magen, you have a great blog. I love your pictures and your sincerity. If I'm half as good a mom as you, I think I'll be proud. :-)

Anonymous said...

love it! and love u!