Sunday, November 15, 2009

wilson isaiah

look who's here!

Wilson Isaiah Quiroz
November 10, 2009
7:14 am
9lbs 3oz
21 1/4"

Friday, November 6, 2009

"due date" date

my sweet sister in law offered to watch sara this morning. so, ryan and i jumped on the opportunity to go hang out ... aka walk briskly... downtown.

we found this great barbecue place, dr. bells. maybe this doctor can help me along with the labor process...

this was all mine.

but, i left room for this beauty.

when we drove up to our home, sara was out playing... she looked so old to me today. sad.

i french braided her hair for the first time and surprisingly, she didn't pull it out. it's so fun having a girl.

so, today is my due date. 40 weeks. this kid has been cooking for quite awhile, huh? 40 weeks seems like an eternity until the end and then it seems like it went by so quickly.
if you asked me earlier this week i would have told you that i would be holding my little kicker by today. i have been contracting ever since tuesday. they got pretty consistent and hard so we went into the hospital, only to find out that i was still 4cm dilated and making no progress. they died down and we went home. it was so defeating. so as a result, my days have been filled with walking and trying any other old wive's tale in hopes that this baby will come before he's 9 pounds.
i've been enjoying the past few days, though. they have been gorgeous and filled with lots of sara and ryan time. so, i guess it was nice to have a false alarm...
now our bags are packed.


a conversation we had the other night while cuddling in bed...

sara: "mommy, you get married?"
me: "yes, i married daddy"

sara: quietly thinking..."i marry j."

Monday, November 2, 2009


i love these hands. they are changing so quickly. it's bittersweet.

i remember when she didn't know what to do with them and how they were such a source of frustration.

now, they are being mastered and helping her actually do the things she thinks of... they are helping show us who she is and what is going on in that brain of hers.

it reminds me of motherhood... something that you fumble around with at the beginning... you see other great women/mothers and want to be like them... but you can't quite do it as well. you have to practice and master the skills... learn how your "fingers" work together and how to handle all that is required. but then it begins to click and you forget those first days or months of struggle and you begin to thrive....

i'm afraid i'll be re-visiting those days again soon. days filled with learning how to balance it all and being in survival mode. having two children seems so daunting somedays, but i'm hopeful and excited about the time when i look back and realize how far i've come, how much i've learned, and how much i can do with my "hands".