Sunday, January 31, 2010

it's open and a giveaway

want one of these? 
then come back and tell me what you think or what's your favorite item. 
your comment will put your name in the drawing for a new felt hydrangea hair clip.
the giveaway will end thursday (feb. 4th)

dallas friends... i'm not sure how to not charge some orders for shipping. so, if you want to order something without paying for shipping, email me your order and you can pick it up instead. email is on the right sidebar. hope to figure this one out soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

the shop

so i have toyed around with idea for some time and am ready to take the leap... i am opening a little shop. i want to have a place where i can sell things as i find time to sew. so go take a peek.
(click on the picture in the sidebar)
i'm still working on it and need to add a few more details. i plan on "opening" by the end of the weekend.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i haven't had a REAL shower since saturday

and by "real" shower i mean the one you take sans kid, the one you shave your legs in, the one you use the good shampoo in, the one that you actually wash your whole body in (not just the restaurant you have been toting around on your chest), the one that takes long enough to actually steam up the bathroom. i had one of those glorious showers today...wednesday.
it has been quite the week. we started potty training on monday. potty training a two year old with a two month old on your hip (or boob) is kinda difficult. we have had many accidents and many half-accidents. but i am pleased to say after a heart to heart during lunch, she has been accident free.
we started the process by "training" her teddy bear (really it's wilson's but at this point, he doesn't know he has toys). the nice thing about training teddy bear was "giving" him his treats.

we had a birthday tea party for teddy bear.

i read the book potty training 1-2-3. my friend christy suggested it and after reading it, so would i. it really helped me prepare and have a good game plan. 
sara and i went on a special trip to the store so she could pick out her potty training snacks and treats. i talked her into the oreos and sour cream and onion pringles. :) she also got to pick out her very own chap stick. it was a good day in that girl's life.
she picked "memo" (Nemo) fruit snacks for her big "i went in the potty" treat.
anyway, we have been "stuck" at home... enjoying the growing up process.
translated: i haven't needed to shower.

here's a freebie... enjoy this cute face!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

two months = band-aids

my sweet boy was initiated into the world of immunization this morning.

i can't believe how quickly these two months have flown by... which has caused this sad but sweet feeling in my heart... you know, the one that makes you want to cry anytime you look at your child in the eyes and the one that causes the waterworks to start the second they get giddy and want to snuggle in bed.
(side story (just made that phrase up :)... does it work?): sara said the CUTEST thing when i got in bed with her tonight... after ryan put her to bed, we heard her in the monitor singing, so i gave into the temptation to cuddle and i went in. i asked her what she was singing and she replied in a sweet quiet voice "i sing not, my hands singing"... love that girl... i asked what her hands were singing and she said "away in a manger" and preceded to sing the song for me... using her hands! cute, huh?!)
anyway, back to the whole i have a 2 month old, where did the time go, rant.
just look for yourselves and be amazed at how quickly he is growing.

he has started that sweet smiley, cooing, can't get enough of it, stage.
my sweet boy.
as i was mentally writing this post (i tend to mentally write more then actually write these days) i was reminded of a post i wrote over a year ago about sara's band-aids. it was fun to scroll down and read through past posts. but i realized my blog has been neglected lately and it went from a "sewing/crafty, look what i am making/selling" blog to a "hey, look at my kids" blog REAL fast. i am glad it's a mix of both because, let's face it, this mama isn't filling out any baby books.
so i love the idea of documenting sweet moments with my kids but, i do want to make more time to sew and sell stuff. so yeah, all that to say, i want to do all things well. and mothering two kids is more important and taking more time than i thought. but the new year inspires me to schedule and organize which will hopefully mean more consistent sewing/blogging time.

oh yeah, merry christmas.