Tuesday, July 26, 2011

leaving on a jet plane

tomorrow is the big day. i leave for a ten day trip to Kampala, Uganda.
pray for me and my sweet children. my heart is heavy when i think about leaving them. but they will have a blast with friends and family and their sweet daddy.
we have been preparing for the past couple of weeks. reading books on africa. praying over my trip and for our friends i am going to visit. playing with african toys and animals. sara tells random people about my trip and how excited she is for me. {and that her birthday is the day after i come back :) }


 i'm going to miss that cuddly girl. 


i made this amazing cake for ryan's birthday. make it.  it's ridiculous. ridiculously good.

wilson had his hair cut for the first time. finally. at 20 months.

sara joined in on the fun. 
she asked if i could cut her hair short. i said no. ryan said her hair could never be cut short. :)

we found an awesome record player at an estate sale. 
we LOVE it.