Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new design

i love getting the opportunity to try out new color combinations... (although these aren't a completely new idea...just a little different... still fun) i had a friend order some similar to these earlier this week and love the finished product. thanks patricia!!
these are such great colors for both summer and fall!

the liza shoe

here she is with a matching yo-yo flower onesie.... isn't she cute?

finishing up the last bit of sewing before i pack up a 8 month old with enough stuff to last us all year and drive across country!
where did april go? can't believe it's may tomorrow!!

Monday, April 28, 2008


we have played many games like this lately... she cracks herself up (and her mama gets a pretty good laugh too!) oh i how i love this little girl and all of her sweetness!

pricing update...

over the past week i have come to realize (sadly) that the source for the fabric used for the soles of the shoes is no longer available. so i have searched and found what i hope to be a better fabric (same type of suede but a more plush -less fur like- lining)... but it comes at a higher price. so i am no longer offering my "multiple order deals". i hope you understand. i want the price of the shoes to stay a low as possible and i found that is is the best way to keep them at $15.00 each. this will not effect any orders that were placed prior to this post (tuesday april 29th)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

i could nibble on these all day...

i'm getting ready to go visit my family in the heart of dixie,
so wednesday is your last chance to get orders in for the next couple of weeks.
have a good monday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

new things

diaper clutch!
such a great idea for those quick trips to the grocery store or just to keep in your car... but who could keep these hidden?!... i wanted to make these a little less babyish and more fun and funky for the mamas. i have been using mine for the past couple of days. the first one i made (opened on the narrow side not along the length) was too difficult to put diapers in without having a bunched up mess. but with this design, i can fit a wipe case, 3 diapers, changing pad (one of those lap pads), my phone and debit card all comfortably inside. one of these would make a great first time mom gift!

each diaper clutch is fully lined and has a magnetic snap closure. i'm selling these bad boys for $20.00

add $5.00 for a coordinating lap pad

on a different note... we have been seeing a lot of this lately. this girl knows how to cry. i love this picture. sounds crazy, i know, but hear me out...i like it first because i have so many of her sweet smile and her beautiful eyes- but this one documents the other, less attractive side of her. and second i am becoming so numb to her crying that i actually continued taking pictures even as she let me have it .... wow, pretty sympathetic huh?

but the beauty of a child is their great ability to bounce back. she really is so good at being happy and enjoying life (even if that includes eating a few blades of grass every now and then)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pool party

sara had her first pool party today. it was a simple party... jayden, sara and a kiddy pool. it made for a fun and relaxing afternoon. christy and i sat around chatting the afternoon away while our little ones had fun with each other and the water.

it was pretty much like a glorified bathtub... the only difference was the grass on the other side and a friend to play with.

it's amazing how a simple cup will bring many hours of fun! isn't he just the cutest?!

tastes good. can you tell?

i'm working like a mad woman on some orders that came in over the weekend. fun stuff to show you soon. by the way, i'm heading back home for a visit while my sweetie takes his exams. so if you need anything soon get your orders in before April 30th so i can have them shipped before i leave.
hope you get to have a pool party soon! they are so fun!
especially with a chubby baby!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

sweet tea and roses...

i hope your weekend has been as enjoyable as mine. there's nothing like a glass of sweet tea and a vase full of gorgeous roses.
enjoy your Sunday!

thanks christy!

Friday, April 18, 2008


the daisy design has been growing and setting in roots around here. i made these for a little one who is on the way. what a fun pair of shoes she has waiting for her!

another famous Larrah set. this is my top selling girly design. it's not hard to see why... perfect with jeans or a cute little skirt for the spring weather.

i thought i would share this picture with you. the highchair is the one that i was fed in and the one i fed my baby dolls in. now i get to feed my REAL baby doll in it. sara had the great privilege of using it this past weekend when we made a super quick trip home to see the family.

sara came home with this treasure. my mom hand quilted this beautiful baby quilt for her. it has such pretty fabrics and her handwork will be treasured for many, many years. thanks GiGi!

speaking of things that are treasured (cheesy i know but...) yesterday was the year anniversary of ryan's mom passing away. and i didn't want the time to pass without saying that we miss her and think about her everyday. and the things (the treasures) that she instilled in her children will grow and continue to live on through generations and generations. what a beautiful grandma my children have.

Friday, April 4, 2008

spring is here!

over the past two days, my wonderful and very generous father-in-law, has been at our house helping with yard work. well, i shouldn't say "helping"... he pretty much did it all by himself, just graciously asking what i wanted through the process. he transformed the front beds from brown to vibrant colors of spring. he mowed and weeded the lawn so our little one can enjoy the outdoors without her mother worried she might eat a thistle. the weather has been quite beautiful and the doors have been open to let the cool spring breeze flow.
i can't stop with the yo-yo flowers. i love the little burst of spring they add to simple pieces. i made our friends these little outfits. we can't wait to spend some time with them this weekend. (lauren-if you by chance read this before we see you tomorrow, surprise these are your girls treats!) i am planning on making little capri pants with the flowers growing up from the hem of the leg... what do you think? cute? hope your weekend is restful! enjoy spring (however it looks for you)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

got a bit carried away...

so the new daisy shoe design really inspired me to make this fun jumper dress... the robin's egg blue linen like fabric with a buttery yellow ruffle is perfect for the spring weather and is so cute with a little white cardigan ...

i can't get enough of the little yo-yo flowers... can you tell? as we speak there are two little skirts on my dining room table waiting for their embellishments... oh the possibilities!

i am usually filled to the brim with ideas and with one idea will come a flood of others... and if something starts in my head i have to make it or i never will.... these are the products of that said process... i loved making the jumper and loved the colors of this plaid... can't get enough of red and navy... can't you see these outfits at a fourth of July party? or just a fun beach day?

i made a matching one piece suit out of this plaid (below) but couldn't wait to give it to the little one and forgot to take pictures of it... but you can imagine it, right? similar to the anchor one from above... i love the colors.. the plaid has this great light blue and burnt orange...

check back soon for more summertime clothes and ordering details!