Saturday, October 23, 2010

fall wreath

ladies (and gentlemen, i guess), you too can make this wreath. 

 just cut a long piece (or several long pieces) of burlap, unwind a coat hanger (growing up i called them coke hangers. funny, huh?!), have your husband shape it into a circle, and just "sew" down the middle of the burlap piece with the wire. then let your husband use his handy leatherman to twist the wire closed.  next use fabric (or felt flowers would be darling!) and hot glue to make some fabulous twisted flower. hot glue those bad boys on and you have a new fall wreath. crafting with the husband is fun.

he really is a handy man, who isn't afraid to craft with his wife. he actually helped me make wilson's b-day invites. (that's a whole other story in it's self... let's just say the date changed. after i made 30 of them. and then changed again after i fixed 30 of them. so much for being on top of things.) anyway, do it ladies. buy some burlap and other assorted fallish items and make a wreath. 

i'll take pictures of the process next time.
don't forget about the 15% off discount this weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


ok i did it. the shoes are in the SHOP. i'm i plan on working to add a few more soon. 
(just as a little shop hint... choose the "shoe" category on the right to see all the new shoes)
my dear friend christy wrote a sweet post about the shoes HERE at her blog. i haven't listed those because i forgot to snap a picture of them before they went to their new owners. so hold out if you want those. the campbell shoe will debut soon.

also as a bonus for you guys... we are headed to ryan's ten year college reunion.  in honor of my old hubby, i am offering a 15% off code if you order this weekend. just type REUNION in the discount code field during the checkout process. 

the catch is... i won't be around until next week to finish and ship the shoes. so the turn around would be 7-10 days. 

enjoy shoe shopping! :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

new shoes

i had a day. i made these.
i heart them.
i love making them. i want to make more.
what some?
i'm going to add them to the shop soon. i'll let you know when.

wow. it's a short sentence kinda night.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

s says ssssss....

over the past few weeks sara and i have casually started to spend time learning the sounds of letters and working on other preschool skills (don't be impressed... things like cutting on a line and folding paper different ways. easy stuff.). she loves anything that i call "school". she is such a girl.
we've only made it through a and s. taking it slow people. 

we made apple cake. used this recipe. it was yummy!


 sara made apple people. 

we sewed an "s".
i am so proud of my little seamstress. i think she's been paying attention.  


see? pretty good, huh?!


so yeah, there's a little glimpse into our "school".
hope you had a relaxing weekend. 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

one month left

where did a year go? this time last year wilson was in my tummy. weird.

 i had to throw in some cute naked baby pictures. i don't want to forget his little body. 

and i think this is just the cutest picture ever. what a great pair!