Monday, February 23, 2009

the new car

look at what the mailman brought us last friday. sara was so excited! every time she sees it it's like christmas morning! thanks caden for letting us try yours out first.

just wanted to show you what sara has been practicing... that's right ... climbing out of her bed! she has not quite mastered throwing her other leg over... yet!

have a good week!

Friday, February 20, 2009

can you say,...

cat... dog... momma... milk... lily... get the idea.

this phrase has been said a lot lately. sometimes it just takes asking her to find out the new words she knows.
on our way to mobile i was repeating my family names... uncle asher... Gigi... uncle mike... aunt amy... grandpa. so, at one break we were hanging out in the car, playing our little game and i asked "can you say grandpa?" her response -"paw paw"- in the most sweet little country accent. there we were, sitting in the sonic parking lot laughing and repeating paw paw, paw paw, paw paw. i was so happy she said his name... it was so sweet. it melted my heart. i would say something about grandpa and she would say "paw paw" and walk back to my dad. and my sweet dad would say "i heard that" so proudly!

we are back from our visit. back to cleaning up dishes, avoiding laundry piles (clean clothes of course) and back to our home.
it was such a sweet time spent with my parents. it was nice just to be there... just being. i had a good talk with my dad that i will never forget. and spent some good time just being with my mom.

here's my little cutie... sporting pig tails...