Friday, July 25, 2008

forgive me?

so i didn't realize to has been over twenty days since i last posted... please forgive me? i could give you a list of excuses but that's no fun ... i was busy with life.... sorry

the big news around here is that a certain little one i know is turing ONE! can you believe it? these were sent out a while ago and yellow has taken over my mind and crafting world.

more pictures to come after the big day... i promise.

also my sweet parents are coming to join the celebration. and my sister is coming to be a huge help while i'm in school! can't believe the summer is coming to a close.... it happened so quickly.

ok i'll be back before the end of next month.... i hope! :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

we're back and last day for orders

swimming time

lots of daddy time!

house full of kiddos!

we're back! had such a great's so relaxing to be on the lake with nothing to do for a few days... thanks Rob and Christy for setting up yet another great time to hang out... Sara had a fun time swimming in a big pool for the first time! and enjoyed watching the older kids walk around... she's thinking about the idea of walking... we'll see. also she clapped for the first time... SO cute!

ok a little bit of business.... i only have one semester of school left to get my bachelors degree and i have this great opportunity to have my little sis come out and watch sara for me while i finish -so i really feel like i need to take the opportunity and go back to school... but i can't have custom orders during that time and keep my sanity... so july 18th is the last day i am going to take any orders... in a perfect world i would have a bunch of shoes already made and ready to be sold ...but i don't... as i find time i plan on sewing and posting the things i have to sell... i hope you understand and will still check my blog often to see what i have been up to... and see when i plan on returning to the great big world of custom orders. thanks for listening!