Sunday, February 27, 2011

aprons for africa

ok it's time ladies. my sweet friend Alisha has given up her american life to serve children in uganda, africa.  and what a good life she has now. she has dreams that need our support. dreams to change the school system. to give children hope. to show them love. she needs support. financially and through prayer. i don't have a lot of money but i can give my talent and time. so slowly i have been making some cute aprons with fabric from uganda. i have made enough to support her for almost two months. so i need your help. will you buy an apron? will you hear her story? i want to share her updates with you. so email me if you want to hear more specific details and needs that they have.
here are a few pictures that wouldn't fit on the apron website. go check it out. pray for alisha and africa.










i'll tell you what... i've been awful at blogging. not surprising, huh?! well here we go again... my apology post or aka my token once a month post.
its tough to do all things well. and blogging just doesn't hold up when i feel like my plate is full. i have been working on a few things and have two kids so i've put it on the back burner. ok enough already.
some pictures....

we had some ice.

then we had some snow.

so we painted.

hope you get a chance to paint your hair.