Saturday, March 27, 2010

wilson milestones and "monkey put hay on him back"

wilson hit the four month mark with a few milestones. 
sweet boy (sara regularly refers to him as her "sweet boy") has successfully
mastered rolling over... 
tasted "real food" (he is big into trying to pull whatever is in my hands to his mouth)... 
sitting in the excersaucer and keeping himself entertained long enough for me to shower... 
and talking (or screeching) for extended periods of time... just letting us know he is here and has a voice...
this little boy has brought such joy to our family. what a blessing.

now to explain the "monkey put hay on him back" part to the post... if you have held any sort of conversation with sara over the past couple of weeks i am almost positive she has told you about how she saw a "monkey put hay on him back" at the zoo. so, for all of those who have graciously tried to piece together this random story, here are some pictures to give you a visual. 

here's the big guy himself... the "monkey"

"the monkey put hay on him back"

i love her

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

all aboard

i've been missing lately. a little explaining.... i went to mobile to spend time with my mom... with two kids by myself. (not sure what i was thinking! but it was great and we all survived... not sure if the people in the hotel room next to ours did but hey, we win some and loose some, right?!) while there, i helped host a baby shower for one of my dearest friends... and now i'm in the process of sewing her baby bedding. i can't wait to meet baby eli!
after a week of traveling with two kiddos, it was nice to see the daddy! sara has clung to him since we have been back, constantly asking him to play with her.
the most recent activity of choice is building a "dinosaur train" with blocks. sara has fallen in love with the new pbs show dinosaur train. it's a cute show about this family of dinosaurs who travel on a train to meet other dinos... complete with a cheesy song that is always stuck in my head!!! 

on sara's dinosaur train there is a special section for my little ponies and cinderella. 

 maybe one day there will be a little brother section.

he actually rolled over for the first time tonight... right after i left the house to go to a meeting. great. with the kid all day and he chose to have a "first" right after i left. good timing sweet boy. 
oh well, at least his daddy was there to cheer him on!