Friday, May 28, 2010

the beach

i could totally live at the beach.... if we didn't have to work... and we had several extra family members ready and willing to entertain my kids... and we had our own pool... and we had dinner cooked for us each night..... so yeah, not moving to the beach any time soon. too bad.

last week we spent the week in florida with ryan's family. it was so nice. i really felt relaxed and "vacationed" when we came back. so much so that i can't get my butt in gear. but you would be proud...i have done the laundry... AND folded it. (it's just sitting beside me as i type... in neat little piles... just crying out to be put away... i'm giving it the silent treatment)

back to vacation details... the weather was perfect. we never got rained out. no one got sunburned. sara and wilson did great and enjoyed both the beach and pool. 

sara liked to start out in the pool and then make her way to the beach. wilson napped on the beach several times. they slept in the same room! (the first time in six months ryan and i haven't had a kid in our room! thanks stacy and rick!) 

we had our pictures taken on the beach. 

my favorite ever.

we visited seaside. sara pooped in her swimsuit. a couple times. thanks mom for potty training me. i appreciate it.

we saw crabs. lots. of. crabs.

we saw several fevers of stingrays. awesome.

sara and ryan built a "house" on the sand. they jumped from bed to bed.
wilson fell in love with balls.

we met the sweetest little boy! elias. sara was in love! she couldn't stop rubbing his head and calling him "sweet boy." 

now we are back. ryan started a bar review course. everyday. 4 hours. they ask you to prepare an extra 7 hours a day. who do they think we are ryan is?! 
we are putting together puzzles, taking walks and snacking on strawberries.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

baby bedding

just wanted to show some pictures of a couple cute cribs. 
(say that ten times fast... couple cute crib... couple cute cribs... you get the idea)


it was fun working on both of these sets. it is always so rewarding to see the finished product.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


law school. 

for the past three years we ryan has been in law school. 

these three years will definitely be marked as one of the hardest times of my life. i moved (for the first time) away from my family with a 2 week old. my husband became engulfed in a world that i couldn't really be a part of. he had to learn how to schedule and study again. i had to learn how to be more gracious and loving.  i had to make friends and learn a new city. and to top it off, we both lost some pretty important people in our lives and then added another last year. so. many. changes.

it has been a time of finding out what i am really made of ... and then finding God's grace to help me become who He wants me to be right now. i am leaving this season with a deeper understanding of life being one big process. there were definite times when i was disappointed in how i responded or handled situations and then times of rejoicing when i knew God had changed me and helped me. 

i am so truly, without a doubt supposed to be married to this man. i have enjoyed walking through new seasons with him. i have loved being able to talk to him, share my heart and gain new/better perspectives. i have loved and been blessed watching him choose our children over his grades or reputation. and i have been honored to stand by him as he fought through this season. 

ryan, i am SO proud of you. 

you truly are a man after the things of God.

congratulations sweet man!

Monday, May 10, 2010

half of a year

wilson, you are such a big boy. 
i am so proud of you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

my mom

what a great example of a good mother.
 you trained me in the way i should go and i am forever blessed. 
thanks mom!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

our adbenture

the other day we went on an "adbenture" (sara-speak for adventure)
sara wore her tutu... while we hiked... that silly girl. 

she picked up every rock in her path.
we saw a bobcat.
i carried this sweet boy.
ryan thinks he looks like the son of Gilligan... right, huh?

Friday, May 7, 2010

while i've been away...

wilson grew two teeth... 

he learned how to sit up like a big boy...

he eats "solids"... 

sara fell in love with dancing... 

and wears her dancing skirts everywhere... 

i sewed some baby bedding... 

a matching pillow... 

some birthday bibs... 

a dress for sara...

one for her baby doll... 

lots of orders... 

and ryan FINISHED law school!!

 so now we are soaking up daddy time... 
going on family "adbentures" and just enjoying our time together