Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my dad

i love that man. this picture is one of my favorites... not sure why... maybe it's the look of playfulness that's between us, like i was trying to take something from him or trying to tickle him...or maybe it's the awesome clothes we were sporting... i'm not sure what was actually happening in the picture or why it was taken, but i'm glad it was.

my dad's health has been declining over the past months. it started out being his liver that needed to be replaced and being put on the transplant list was the solution. then, as the doctors looked further it was cancer... a very rare kind that the hospital had only seen one slightly similar case of. so off to another doctor, who finally said last week that, even if they had a million dollars, there is nothing they can do.

so this is where i am ... in the midst of telling my dad goodbye, as he is in hospice care for pain management...i was telling sara today as we walked out of the store while she was crying and reaching for the ladies she was leaving, "goodbyes are ok... we will see them again." i got in the car and lost it... realizing this is what God has been telling my heart for the past week. goodbyes are ok and i will see him again. i don't understand this part of the journey, why things like this hurt so deeply... but i trust Him.

thanks for listening.
i am going to spend time with my family... to soak up my dad and love on my mom. just wanted to update you on my life and let you know i am pushing back taking orders
for awhile...

Monday, January 19, 2009

i'm back...

from my self imposed blogging break (sorry for the absence) and a fun weekend with a dear friend. (my first away from my baby... big weekend!)
a few months ago my friend, Alisha, sent me a huge box of African fabric. the plan was to turn it into cute aprons to sell and help raise money for her work with Christopher House Ministries.
after the holidays, i finally had some time to finish a batch of aprons and flower broaches (with the help of some sweet friends- thanks Dana and Christy!)
so i hopped on a plane with a dozen aprons and headed to Alisha's this weekend to kick off this idea (and spend much needed time with a friend). her roommate, Erin, (who has the sweetest collection of tea cups) hosted a great tea party in honor of her new home and the Aprons for Africa trunk show! it was a fun time of meeting wonderful women and sharing a bit of my talent to raise money for someone i love.
here are the pictures of the finished project...

go take a look at my friend's blog.... Alisha on Location ... you won't be disappointed

p.s.- it was a huge success... thanks!