Monday, February 15, 2010

bubble skirt and buffalo chicken dip

i managed to make this bubble skirt for sara a couple weeks ago. works perfect with leggings now and will be great with chubby bare legs in the spring. 

i also made this yummy stuff last week.
buffalo. chicken. dip.... yummy! 
it was the perfect addition to a snowy day. find the recipe HERE.

look who's growing up... sweet boy.

snow day

last thursday we experienced our first big snow.

did you notice the baby doll? goes with us everywhere!


three things i learned:
-always have kid gloves on hand (no pun intended)
-buy the rain boots that have been in the cart and returned to the shelf multiple times
-i don't think i could live in the snow :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


sara was able to take a break from decorating cookies to help me choose a winner from last week's giveaway...

notice the cookie crumbs?

our lucky winner....


we had quite the busy please forgive my absence.  (i was able to let robin know the good news a bit early!)
it was my nephew's first birthday. he had the cutest sock monkey themed party. i was able to get a few moments to make him a first birthday bib.... i love the way it turned it.

look at what happens when sara has wilson over for a tea party.

ps- thanks for all of the sweet comments about the shop!