Thursday, March 27, 2008

new pants and Daisy

i have been on a mission lately. sara needs some pants. the problem with finding her pants are her thighs. this girly girl has some large thighs. she has grown out of her 9 month jeans and can barely fit into her 12 month ones. they are so tight around her thighs that she can't sit down. and really, for some unknown reason, i've avoided making her any. anyway, she needs some pants. so i decide to try old navy. my new good friend christy and her little guy, jayden went with us. i found these real cute pink stripe seersucker capri. and i think "ok 18-24mo now we're talking" ... so we try them on and have to wrestle her into them, no way will they button. so i get a 2T. a 2T for my seven month old. and sit her the floor once again to squeeze her into them. no way. they barely button. way too tight and too long. so we left with no pants a real cute shirt and a dress... i decided it was time i give it up and make my poor baby girl some pants to go with her new top.... so without further ado here are her new pants...

a brown linen with a buttery yellow then we run into the problem of having no matching shoes (silly "problem" right?).. so these evolved from my scrap pile this morning...

i simply adore these little guys... so many color combinations are already running through my head... i must and will make more. if you have a special "problem" outfit and need the perfect shoe, tell me about it and maybe i can help.


happy friday!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008


after reading my last post i want to make the prices clearer... sorry for my complicated system. here goes attempt #2...

oilcloth/laminated cotton bib prices

individual bib without monogram---$10.00
individual bib with monogram------$15.00
two bibs without monogram--------$16.00
two bibs both with monograms-----$25.00

and finally here they are... these girly bibs are such a cute addition to any little connoisseur's wardrobe ... (not sure if bibs count as a part of a wardrobe? but you get the idea)...
enjoy your Saturday!

bibs, bibs, bibs

i hope the tune to "girls,girls,girls" was playing in your head as you read the title of this post... it's pretty bad when i think i should explain my post title's quirkiness... anyway here they are! i have been looking for cute boyish oilcloth and haven't had much luck so i resorted to using laminated cotton (cotton fabric covered in vinyl).. which i have to say i am really pleased with... i hope you agree. these little stinkers are a perfect gift to the new eater in your life....
i am selling these cuties for $10.00 each or two for $16.00. if you want a name monogrammed on the "pocket", the cost will be $5.00 more for one and $9.00 for a pair. (make sense? ok, if you buy 2 monogrammed bibs it will be $25.00... wow i like to make things complicated) and, like always, let me know if you are looking for something else... i will post more girly bibs real soon... i promise...

Monday, March 17, 2008


Alisha came in town

We went out of town

and I can't get enough of those blue eyes and little fingers!

Thanks to all who have placed orders over the past couple of weeks! Its been fun creating something special for your little ones!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i'm a mom?!

i'm realizing in both the simple and profound moments that i am a mom. i mean i know i'm a mom... trust me getting up at 2 in the morning with a crying baby lets you know your life has changed... but there are these moments when i am reminded that my heart has changed because of this little life. i was driving the other day (without sara) and looked down to notice elmo was riding in the cup holder next to me. never in my life before sara would a stuffed elmo be hanging out in my cup holder and it made me miss her (even in her whinniest and clingiest days). and this past thursday, as sara and i casually strolled through target, in the midst of her babbling and with a toothy grin out came, as sweet and quiet as could be a little "ma ma" ...

i stopped in the middle of the aisle and had this moment when my heart hurt with joy ... now i know that she wasn't intentionally calling out my name ... but she will one day... she is growing up and it hurts ... i want to watch her grow into who she was made to be... but it's bittersweet watching the process... (wow this turned into a baby blog real fast!)

also, only a mom could hate taz and bugs bunny (ok maybe those who grew up with them plastered on their baggy t-shirts could as well).....anyway...

they were the cheesy cartoon characters that adorned the band aids that covered my sweet baby's shot wounds on her chunky thighs... (by the way she weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds 6 onces at her 6 month little porker!) ....

and finally i know i've become a mom when i genuinely get excited about bibs!
i'm pleased to show you my newest addition to my handmade baby gifts....

these oilcloth bibs are so easy to clean-up... every diaper bag should be equipped with one of these.... more styles to come

and these little cuties are backed in coordinating chenille and marked with baby's initial... i'm currently working on a few more....more pictures soon

oilcloth bibs will be priced at one for $10 or two for $16
chenille backed bibs with initial are priced at $15 each

happy beginning of march!
it's march...that's crazy!!