Saturday, November 20, 2010

wilson's first birthday party

i love parties. i love planning for them. hosting them. watching all of the details come together. yes i'm a dork and i love parties.
i was super excited about wilson's first birthday party. over the past year i had been mentally filing away ideas for his carnival themed party. and everything from the weather to the health of the sweet boy came together to make a success! i really felt like wilson was celebrated well!
so here are a few pictures of the party. thanks to mary beth sudan! thanks mb!

we had hot dogs and nachos. caramel apples and apple spice cupcakes. peanuts and popcorn. it was a junk food extravaganza!
thank you to all of dear friends who came to celebrate our little man!

ps. i found my peanut and pickle bags and vending machine balls here

Monday, November 15, 2010

i've been busy...

 feeding my son cake.


i am just coming up for some air. we had wilson's first birthday party last night. and my mom and sis in law came to celebrate! it was the perfect night! 

but i'll be holding my breath this week, as i sew like a crazy woman. i'm hosting a handmade holiday boutique this friday night at my house. mary beth sudan, erin dobbins, meg quinius robinson and i will be selling our stuff while sipping on wine and munching on cheese. email me if you are in the dallas area and are interested in the details. love to see you there!

ok, the sewing machine is calling my name. 
i will be back with more party pictures later.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my sweet wilson

dear wilson,
how can it be that you are one today? 

it seems like yesterday we were anticipating your arrival and anxious to see your sweet little face. you came a week late with quite the arrival. 9 pounds 3 ounces of all boy! 

you, little boy, are so special. 

yes, your sister made me a mommy 
but you have made me a better mommy. 

you have won my heart. i love your sweet open mouth kisses. the way you throw your head back when i'm holding you. your clapping. your smile and giggle. your little body. and your sweet tender heart.  

and today, the way you pulled my face towards yours to kiss my cheek, about broke my heart. you are a lovey little guy. please don't stop. never. ever. always kiss on your momma!

i am so blessed to be able to watch you grow up. i can't wait to hear your sweet voice. to tell secrets with you. to watch you make friends. to hear your thoughts. 
wilson, i am filled with so much hope and excitement when i think of who you are becoming. 

remember, i love you. and will always love you, my sweet boy.

happy first birthday little man!

your momma

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

token state fair post

i feel like each year i should post at least one post about the great state fair of texas. 
and i'm behind this year.
i was browsing my pictures and realized i never posted. 
so here it goes... 



our dear friends came in town and went with us to the fair. we were so thankful they were able to come visit, even if their trip did involve getting sick.  thanks deborah and phillip for hanging out!
we miss you guys!

so there you have it, my token state fair post! :)

oh yeah...

my baby is turning ONE tomorrow!! 
how did that happen?

and we're back...

so yeah, have you made the wreath? are you disappointed? i am.
mine droops.
the weight of the burlap pushes the ruffles down into one big mess. so the glue gun is coming out again. i think i'm going to have a glue party on the back of the wreath. and try to keep the burlap in place. we'll see. i'll keep you updated.

we had a great weekend at ryan's reunion. and a great time catching up with old friends and my sweet sister. thanks amy for all of your help!
i didn't get any good pictures. so you'll just have to trust me.

the 15% sale is over. there will be more i promise. thanks to all who ordered and have said kind things about the new shoes! i love them too!

and because it's strange to post without a picture... here's an order i am in love with.