Saturday, November 20, 2010

wilson's first birthday party

i love parties. i love planning for them. hosting them. watching all of the details come together. yes i'm a dork and i love parties.
i was super excited about wilson's first birthday party. over the past year i had been mentally filing away ideas for his carnival themed party. and everything from the weather to the health of the sweet boy came together to make a success! i really felt like wilson was celebrated well!
so here are a few pictures of the party. thanks to mary beth sudan! thanks mb!

we had hot dogs and nachos. caramel apples and apple spice cupcakes. peanuts and popcorn. it was a junk food extravaganza!
thank you to all of dear friends who came to celebrate our little man!

ps. i found my peanut and pickle bags and vending machine balls here


Hello, Mint! said...

Oh my goodness, this is fantastic!! WOW!