Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm so thankful for this man.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

things sewn for the room

so here they are, room pictures... well, kinda... as i am uploading these pictures of sara and baby boy's new room, i realized i didn't take any good full room pictures. so maybe, (if you're lucky and i don't go into labor before i get around to it) i'll post better room pictures later. but for now, you can enjoy some pictures of the things i made.
and as an added note i'm not sure why my pictures are looking really grainy... so forgive the picture quality. any ideas?

this is over sara's bed. she is really into tea parties these days, so a tea pot and cup were perfect for her. since they have been hung, they have been taken off and "used" several times.
the print is from
Sarah Jane. love her stuff... so cute and simple

this next picture is what is hanging over the crib. forgive the lack of artwork in the frame. this picture is ordered and on its way. and in the other frame there are ultrasound pictures (hung upside down) waiting to be replaced with new baby pictures.

and here is the little kicker's bedding. i fell in live with this brown polka dot. it is such a perfect color of brown... not too dark but not khaki
i took off the brown sheet and replaced it with a green one... it was too dark.
if you look close enough you can see the curtains... the same green that is on the bed skirt.

and this is sara's quilt top. it is somewhere in north carolina being quilted as i type (i hope). i didn't have the guts or the machine to quilt a twin size quilt... i decided to leave that to the professionals... but hey, i made the top and the back so i can say i half-way made it... right?
can't wait to see it finished!

so there you have it... some things i've been making for my kids. wow, i can add an "s" to kid. weird.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

almost done

this little guy is almost done cooking!
he is measuring quite large... 40 weeks actually... the doctor says he should be 8lbs. right now (we'll see if she is right!)
so, it could be any day....
i'll be cleaning and sewing until that day comes :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

state fair...again

i had to post a few more pictures from the state fair.

sara and jayden's first fair ride...
look who's missing in the next picture.

sweet sara had a major meltdown and had to be taken out of the boat... so sad. but thankfully we got our tickets back.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

howdy folks!

we went to the state fair a couple of weekends ago with ryan's family... and last week... and this past wednesday! it was fun to be able to go several times with sara. she loved it!
she has not stopped talking about the animals, the dancing dogs (yes, we saw a canine freestyle dancing show...and it was as hilarious as it sounds!) and big tex (she calls him big texas or texas). here are a few pictures from our trip with ryan's family...

don't you love the way sara is pretending to "feed" the bunny?!