Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i feel chatty this morning. 
ryan went kayaking with a friend. wilson is napping. and sara is deep into cooking up something tasty in her kitchen (probably birthday soup).
so i will now take out my "chattiness" on you, sweet blog friends. 

random thoughts for the morning:

  • my sweet friend cindy gave me a shout-out on her blog yesterday. thanks cindy for the sweet encouraging words.

  • this is new favorite necklace. i got it for mothers day. you can find here. i like lisa.

  •  i wish i could make cupcakes like these. better yet, i wish kelly was my neighbor. 

  •  i made these cute flowers last night while watching a movie with ryan.
  •  i sewed one on sara's shirt this morning. 

  •   wilson is walking more than he is crawling.  ten months people, ten months!!
  • i'm working on a new shoe design. can't wait to be finished and ready to sell them. just in time for fall.

  (it's now wednesday... this post was written saturday. i forgot to publish it. go figure!)
enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, September 20, 2010

winner, winner...

ok ladies (and my husband) i know you have been waiting all day to find out who won the hair clip, right?! 
we had a vomit filled night and morning. complete with fever and moaning.
sweet sara came down with something yuck as we were putting her down for bed. 
but she is doing MUCH better now. so much so, that she wore her princess slippers to bed. crazy girl.

so that's why i didn't post earlier. i'm sure you were worried, huh?! :)

moving on. 
the winner.

sweet linnae, you are the lucky winner! yay!

we knew she wasn't feeling well when she laid still enough to fall asleep on the couch. 
sweet girl.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

birthday. 10 months. giveaway.

yesterday was my birthday. and my mom's. she is so kind to share her day with me. happy birthday mom.
i felt so celebrated.

my sweet friends from play group organized a little party with balloons and cupcakes. 

thanks girls! you made my morning. 

sweet ryan took care of every meal. that would have been a perfect celebration in itself. 

not planning meals=good day. 

but he also set up a babysitter in the afternoon (thanks stacy!) so he could take me shopping.

and then another babysitter (thanks amy and bob!) in the evening so we could go out to eat. perfect. 

shopping and eating. 
i felt loved!

also my sweet little man turned 10 months old.

he took his first step about three weeks ago. with more practice, he will be walking in no time. 
s.l.o.w. d.o.w.n. sweet boy!

so in honor of all the milestones... birthdays and steps. i'm going to have a little giveaway. 
want one of these?

comment on this post by September 19th and you'll have a chance to win a little treat.

good luck.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

chalk people

we have been spending more time outside lately. 
90 degrees feels so much better than 100. 
so one afternoon last week we got the idea to trace our bodies and make chalk people. 

sara just started to make silly faces. great, huh?!

she drew a cat.

see it's ears? so cute!

 how are you enjoying the cooler (well, kinda) weather?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

bubble skirt. peasant top. feminine rose trim.
pretty cute, huh? 
it's a custom order a friend ordered.
email me if you have to have one. i can make more.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

dear banana,

I am...

crazy for...



thank you cards

sara and i had fun making some birthday thank you cards. 

the sweet girl made them "all by herself" (a favorite phrase around here these days). she did have a little momma help but by the end she became a card making machine. kids are such quick learners. 
she LOVED the hole punch and brads. 

the first one is a favorite!

thanks to all of family and friends who celebrated my little girl!

uh, where did august go?