Monday, June 23, 2008


the ever-popular Larrah set

the Larrah with blue

Diaper Clutch with matching pad

lots and lots of this going on around here.... a future reader maybe?

it's been a while... there have been many new happenings in our home and i have been a little consumed. but i wanted to say hello and show a few of the orders that i've worked on lately. and what the little one has been up to....
we are going out of town this week to spend time with some dear friends. will return with pictures!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


they are in!
well kinda... there's one little straggler that's peeking his little head out but is not fully in... but my baby officially has eight teeth! can you believe it?! eight? i feel like getting teeth is the mark of pre-toddlerhood- that and cruising around the room.... she has been quite the cutie lately.

lots and lots of sewing going on around here! thanks for the orders!
i'm thinking of taking a break soon... need to enjoy the husband and his summer break... so if you are needing anything soon- email me with an order!

have a great week!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


enough said. when i think about our life this past week, this picture pops up in my mind. we have gone though a lot of tears and tylenol over the past week. for four days straight sara ran a low temperature and has not wanted me out of her sight. it was kinda nice to have a little one who just wanted to be held all day and lay her head on my chest. but i'm over it now... ready to get back to normal (but what is normal with a baby?)

so needless to say, blogging was pushed to the back burner :) sorry

but i have been sewing. thank God for morning and afternoon naps!
thanks to all who have placed orders over the past couple of weeks! it has been fun creating some new things and making some oldies but goodies.

want to see what has been created in my dining room?