Saturday, October 23, 2010

fall wreath

ladies (and gentlemen, i guess), you too can make this wreath. 

 just cut a long piece (or several long pieces) of burlap, unwind a coat hanger (growing up i called them coke hangers. funny, huh?!), have your husband shape it into a circle, and just "sew" down the middle of the burlap piece with the wire. then let your husband use his handy leatherman to twist the wire closed.  next use fabric (or felt flowers would be darling!) and hot glue to make some fabulous twisted flower. hot glue those bad boys on and you have a new fall wreath. crafting with the husband is fun.

he really is a handy man, who isn't afraid to craft with his wife. he actually helped me make wilson's b-day invites. (that's a whole other story in it's self... let's just say the date changed. after i made 30 of them. and then changed again after i fixed 30 of them. so much for being on top of things.) anyway, do it ladies. buy some burlap and other assorted fallish items and make a wreath. 

i'll take pictures of the process next time.
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CindyC said...

I really want to make this now! I will have to get creative with the baubles, because I don't have a hot glue gun. We have a staple gun, though. Hmm...

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