Friday, April 4, 2008

spring is here!

over the past two days, my wonderful and very generous father-in-law, has been at our house helping with yard work. well, i shouldn't say "helping"... he pretty much did it all by himself, just graciously asking what i wanted through the process. he transformed the front beds from brown to vibrant colors of spring. he mowed and weeded the lawn so our little one can enjoy the outdoors without her mother worried she might eat a thistle. the weather has been quite beautiful and the doors have been open to let the cool spring breeze flow.
i can't stop with the yo-yo flowers. i love the little burst of spring they add to simple pieces. i made our friends these little outfits. we can't wait to spend some time with them this weekend. (lauren-if you by chance read this before we see you tomorrow, surprise these are your girls treats!) i am planning on making little capri pants with the flowers growing up from the hem of the leg... what do you think? cute? hope your weekend is restful! enjoy spring (however it looks for you)


The Heath's said...

I would like to order that in my size please. thanks.