Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pool party

sara had her first pool party today. it was a simple party... jayden, sara and a kiddy pool. it made for a fun and relaxing afternoon. christy and i sat around chatting the afternoon away while our little ones had fun with each other and the water.

it was pretty much like a glorified bathtub... the only difference was the grass on the other side and a friend to play with.

it's amazing how a simple cup will bring many hours of fun! isn't he just the cutest?!

tastes good. can you tell?

i'm working like a mad woman on some orders that came in over the weekend. fun stuff to show you soon. by the way, i'm heading back home for a visit while my sweetie takes his exams. so if you need anything soon get your orders in before April 30th so i can have them shipped before i leave.
hope you get to have a pool party soon! they are so fun!
especially with a chubby baby!