Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hooray for good friends with good things to say about the shoes! I mailed my friends, Ava and Sophia Sartor, these shoes and shirts last week. I needed some older and more experienced "movers and shakers" to test out the slip-resistant soles on the 6-12 month shoe. They were the perfect product testers and so cute for the camera!
Lauren, their sweet mama, had good things to say about the soles:
"The girls tried out the shoes yesterday and they worked great. They seemed to be fine
for crawling or walking, and they never came off or caused slipping. Ava seemed to walk more in these shoes than I have seen her walk in anything else (pajamas or socks) at home. While Ava was standing on the hardwood floor, I tried to slide her foot a little and it seemed to hold pretty well (better than non-skid socks)."
Thank you Lauren for letting your girls be my guinea pigs and your sweet comments!