Wednesday, September 23, 2009

big day

look at what was delivered (and assembled...thanks to land of nod and their great delivery service!) yesterday. sara got her very own big girl bed. isn't it the cutest little girl bed?!
she was quite happy to see this in her new room.

i think she is more excited about playing under the covers then the actual sleeping idea.

can you tell how sleepy her eyes are... she never napped because the guys came during her nap time... she fell right to sleep!

after a little of "holding" daddy time!

but naps are a different i type away, i can hear a little one trying to open a door. we'll see how this goes. good thing the crib is vacant.

soon i'll show you what i have been making for the new room.

thanks pawpaw for the great birthday present! she LOVES it!


c said...

cutie. such a big girl.

amyrose said...

oh my. SOOOO CUTE!

StachiQ said...

Love these pics! This is just my favorite bed ever for little ones!

Shalene said...

wow, what a big girl! hope she does well with the transition. we're getting ready to do the same with silas. (he's still in the crib!)