Friday, January 25, 2008

Hot dogs and Hearts

i thought you might need a smile today.... because HOT DOG it's FRIDAY!!!
look at the treat my great friend katherine mailed to sara this week.... it was quite hilarious! although sara was not so amused when we put it on her.... but i had to show you....

now for the "hearts" part of the post....
over the christmas holiday my mom reminded me of some sweatshirts we made when i was younger. we used christmas fabric to make little yo-yos and sewed them down in the shape of a wreath. this memory inspired my valentine's day design... yo-yos in the shape of a heart

also in the valentine's spirit that came over me this week i made this
paper topiary.

due the increase of time that is invested when making these onesies they will be priced as $20. But the shoes are only $15 a pair! ...want some?

have a great weekend!