Monday, September 15, 2008

rock collections

these are what my sweet little one gave me on our walk this afternoon. she is a scavenger... no rock or stick in her path will be left untouched... she finds rocks in cracks on the sidewalk and has to pick at it until it is in her hand, only to put it in mine... and in her mouth every now and then. my favorite is the littlest one on the left.

i feel like every aspect of motherhood could be defined as a bittersweet experience... you long to watch your children grow and learn but mourn for the sweet days of the past knowing that you won't see them again... rejoicing for milestones but wanting the others to come slowly... needing a break from the day in and day out but then longing to be with them every moment... wanting to show them when they are wrong but wanting to look the other way so that they don't have to learn a hard lesson and your heart doesn't have hurt as you teach them... oh motherhood! what a joy and a hard road.

this seems to be to position of choice these days... any other one year olds out there
squat like this... all the time??


Chrissie said...

Beautifully written and perfectly said.
So true!

Kelly said...

Hey Magen,
I love what you true!

And, yes, we have a little boy over here that squats very often. (especially when he meets someone new). Sometimes I think he's trying to size them up.

How funny to see Sara and Archer in front of each other squatting.

kelly said...

magen - so nice to finally meet you! & thanks for putting my heart into words here in this post. you wrote exactly how i feel :)
blessings to your beautiful family.

Ellen G said...

You pretty much hit the nail on the head...and so beautifully might I add!
My nephew who is 19 months loves this squatting position! I guess it is comfy for them! Hope you all are doing well. Can't wait to see you again!