Thursday, December 24, 2009

handmade Christmas gifts

i finished the gifts i made for wilson and sara just in time! i thought i would finish them up sooner but forgot how the definition of being "productive" has changed. instead of seeing how many things i can finish sewing in a morning, i'm counting how many diapers i can change between feedings! i'm being productive in other ways! but it feels good to be forced to sit and rest for 15-20 minutes every 3ish hours.

so for wilson, i made a color book. it was my first time to sew a cloth book and i really enjoyed it. i think i would have added more details if i had the time.
(inspiration came from here and another blog i cant find now! sorry!)

for sara i made this...

i used this tutorial.

it was such a fun project.
it would have taken less time if i had read the whole tutorial first. it took some thinking and tweaking but it worked out. and i LOVE the finished project!

and look who is moving in...

a miniature version of our family.

i also painted these girls for some sweet friends of ours.

can't wait to give sara her gifts!
and i'm sure she'll be more then willing to help wilson open his.


Marci said...

Those are so beautiful, I cannot believe you painted those little people too! You are so gifted. And I am totally jealous of that cloth book, they sell on Etsy for muchos dolares! I love yours.

kelly said...

these are such cool gifts! i love keeping up with your creativity & you're giving me hope that crafting can go on even with baby #2 :)

Shalene said...

TOOO CUTE! (kids & items you made)