Friday, December 4, 2009

new baby smell...

i can't get enough of it. it's been 3 weeks of snuggling, nursing, being late everywhere, staying at home more, changing outfits multiple times a day, kissing a sweet boy's neck, juggling two kid's needs and remembering to rest.

this little boy has been perfect. he snuggles quite well. and have i mentioned he smells like a dream!? he is so mild mannered... i think i've heard him cry a total of 10 minutes. and he seems to like his sister saying "hi" repeatedly in his ear multiple times a day. he's a trooper!

i feel so favored and blessed to have such a beautiful family.

wilson's entry into the world was quick but a bit rough. i started contracting around 2:30 monday morning. but, i didn't want it to be false labor again so i tried to ignore them... i even took a tylenol. crazy, huh?! after a couple hours they were getting stronger and quicker. so, i woke ryan up and we started the whole "call everyone and get in the car" routine. we were at the hospital by 5:30 and i was ready to push by 7. my doctor came in the room at 7 and 4 pushes and 14 minutes later, wilson made his debut. but the poor guy had the cord wrapped around his neck twice, lots of bruising on his face from being pushed on my pelvis and a broken collar bone. apparently, broken collar bones during labor are pretty common. and there isn't much you can do for them. he had his arm in his onesie (like a sling) for many days, but now it is healed and he moves his arm freely. we are grateful that he is healthy and doing well!

my sweet mom came to help us for a week. i was on top of the world... LONG hot showers, clean clothes and dishes, happy toddler, flowers planted in my garden (yes, my mom... super woman... brought some pansies to plant with sara!), several quick outings with my husband and good conversations. it was hard to watch her leave and can't wait to see her again.

ok, back to nursing.


Marci said...

You make it all sound so easy! I am glad Wilson is a happy little guy. Cute as a button too.

amyrose said...

Hahaha love that picture of mom with sara and Wilson, sara's face is priceless

Ordering Info said...
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KHeath said...

I love him and cannot wait to meet him!