Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gigi's in town....

My mom came in town Friday to spend the weekend with us. It is always a blessing to have her in my home. Here are a few sweet moments between her and Sara.

We had the opportunity to go to Canton today. We definitely plan to go back. There were so many treasures, we couldn't get to them all in one day. It was the perfect day... overcast, pleasant baby, vendors who were willing to bargain and a mom to share it with.

after hours of walking and wishing we had the room for all the pretty things we saw... notice the sleeping baby... she was so good!

the loot

we found the most gorgeous linens... tons of vintage pillowcases just wanting to be turned into pillowcase dresses for a certain little girl...

one of my bought it for me as a Valentine's happy...perfect huh?
have a happy day!