Wednesday, August 13, 2008

more birthday party fun

here are a few more pictures from last saturday....enjoy!

think she liked her cake?!


Darrah said...

wow! impressive party decor! i really like the cupcake cake...and that last photo of sara with the demolished version. very funny!

and i'm happy that they ended up matching you with a school two blocks away! how convenient.

shalene said...

i'm so sad we had to miss sara's big celebration...looks like she had lots of fun, and WOW what a cake! LOVE the last pic of her with big grin & cake everywhere!

see you sunday!

mark lawrence said...

More birthday party fun!! Thanks a ton for this new stock of the photos. I had just a brilliant time having a glance at these photos. Our son’s birthday is also coming soon and it will be hosted at one of the local home studios NYC. We have decided the venue already as per the budget but menu decision has not been made it. I wonder if anyone here could share some nice ideas.