Thursday, August 21, 2008

swings, stairs and sweet tea

just a few things we've been up to these days...

so i've seen this invitation floating around the blog world lately... i saw it a few months back here and when the opportunity arose to use it my friend and i jumped all over it... i love the way they turned out... simple yet special.

also we have our new friend here (my little sister)... we are having lots of fun getting into the groove of having her here... we love you amy

sweet tea on the front porch

lots and lots of going up and down stairs

aren't her chubby thighs the greatest?!


The Heath's said...

OMG I love that picture! I need a copy for my fridge so i can look at those thighs everyday!

Miss yall!

PS Invites are SUPER cute!

Virginie Meyers said...

I do love those thigh rolls. She is so precious!

Serving Orange County said...

Our thighs actually look quite similar, except...hers are cute and mine ARE NOT. :)