Wednesday, May 4, 2011

well, hello may

may?! really?!
my friend dana pointed out that the majority of my last posts have all started with an apology for not blogging. so yeah. there's that. 

let's move on... :)

i still have aprons. come and get them!
last november, after wilson's birthday and before thanksgiving, i hosted a handmade boutique in my home. it was such a fun night. women came to shop, have wine and be with friends. it was a totally success. thanks to all who came and supported us. here are a few pictures from the night.

so remember my friend in africa... apron girl... she is getting married! well she is technically a married woman in uganda. but she is having a traditional american wedding celebration in august and yours truly wants to go be a part of the celebration. that said, tickets to africa are expensive. 
my last boutique helped raise half of the cost for a ticket. (thanks ladies!)
i'm gearing up to host another show in a couple weeks. i hope to raise the remainder of that ticket cost.
would you like to come be a part? i would love to have you stop by and say hello, grab some cheese and buy a little happy.
so mark your calendar May 20th. come stop by between 6 and 9. bring your friends.
would you send me an email if you need the address?
thanks friends.

stay tuned for more info on the other ladies who are joining me this time.

enjoy a little sneak peek. 

see you soon!


Lindsey said...

yay for the handmade boutique! Can't wait! Your stuff looks really cute!

Marci said...

Okay what is that second photo? Diaper holders or new clutch design? Those look yummy!

Magen Quiroz said...

thanks lindsey.
marci- it's diaper clutches. thought i'd give them a go at the boutique.

feiane (fe-yan) said...

lovely creations!.... i want tofollow your blog. i cant see the button. keep posting!

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